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About us

Aquaria van Wolferen is a leading company in aquarium construction. The company has more than 40 years of experience in the construction and design of (special) aquariums and homaria. This started in 1974 under the name Pretoria Aquarium under the leadership of Mr. DJ van Wolferen.
Over the years this has grown into a professional aquarium construction company which was further developed in 2007 by Mr. L.van Wolferen and has also been put on the map throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
Nowadays we supply to private individuals as well as retailers and companies, restaurants, etc., both large projects and small projects in any desired design.
We also offer all brands and products, allowing us to offer a complete package to the customer.

If you purchase an aquarium from us, we offer you the opportunity to purchase all accessories from almost all well-known brands once at the lowest price guarantee*.
* email or call for the conditions.

Everything is negotiable with us!!
If you are curious about the possibilities, please contact us via:
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We look forward to receiving your request
showroom address: short block 3 in hooves, please note by appointment only!!
bank details iban number NL15RABO0133483134 regarding aquariums of wolferen.
Kind regards, Leo van Wolferen

New company warehouse

We have finally put our new warehouse into use after a somewhat longer construction time of 1.5 years, we can now increase production capacity. We have also purchased a second poly grinding machine so that we always have production under our own management. We have also installed an overhead traveling crane with a suction cup so that we can also build the larger containers here more easily.
We are currently producing 120 aquariums here, which are equipped with filter baffles and are poly ground all around.


Address: Korte Bunder 3, 4741 TV Hoeven
Telephone: 06 50220246
E-mail: info@aquariavanwolferen.nl
Visit by appointment only