Welcome to our exclusive showroom for custom-made aquariums. Craftsmanship and personal service are central to us. Located in a quiet location, our showroom offers an oasis of inspiration for aquarium enthusiasts.

Our specialty is designing and manufacturing unique aquariums that perfectly match the wishes of our customers. Whether you want a beautiful marine aquarium with colorful coral reefs, a lush freshwater aquarium full of vibrant fish, or an impressive paludarium with a combination of terrestrial and aquatic plants, our team of experienced professionals is ready to make your dream aquarium a reality.

To ensure a personal and tailor-made experience, we work by appointment only. This allows us to spend sufficient time with each individual customer and pay attention to all details of the design and construction process. We want to be sure that we can meet all your specific needs and provide you with the best possible solution.

Upon arrival in our showroom you will be warmly welcomed by one of our expert employees. We take the time to listen to your ideas and inspiration, and we are happy to advise you on the different options in terms of materials, technologies and decorative elements. Together we create a unique design that perfectly matches your style and the environment in which the aquarium will be placed.

In addition to customizing aquariums, we also offer a wide range of top quality accessories, lighting and filtration systems. We strive to not only deliver a beautiful aquarium, but also provide the necessary support and advice to successfully maintain the ecosystem you create.

Make an appointment today and immerse yourself in the world of custom-made aquariums. Our showroom is a source of inspiration and expertise, where we can bring your dream aquarium to life.